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What Are the Risks of Not Receiving an Effective Whiplash Treatment?

Written By Duluth Chiropractic and Wellness Center on July 30, 2018

Unfortunately, whiplash is an all-too-common injury for those involved in motor vehicle accidents (MVAs). 

But did you know that while mild cases will often ease on their own, almost half of those who sustain whiplash will suffer from its painful symptoms on a long-term basis? 

This demonstrates why it’s imperative to seek an effective, safe, and proven whiplash treatment – chiropractic care. 

Why Do You Need Whiplash Treatment?

Whiplash symptoms can vary dramatically. 

You may find that you have restricted movement in your neck and the upper part of your back, or you may notice a tingling sensation that runs down your arms. Some even experience psychological effects, from memory loss to lack of concentration and depression to irritability. 

However, experts also warn of the long-term impact whiplash can have if it isn’t treated from the offset. 

For example, those who have reduced movement in their neck are at the most risk of suffering ongoing problems, with 75% still being handicapped the year after their accident. In contrast, of those whose stiffness and preliminary pain were low, almost all improved within a month. 

Some of this ongoing suffering may be attributed to the lack of conventional treatments available for whiplash. But with chiropractic becoming increasing revered in treating whiplash, there is help available. 

What Does Whiplash Treatment at Your Chiropractors Involve? 

When it comes to treating your whiplash effectively, studies have highlighted how beneficial chiropractic care is. 

For example, one research project demonstrated how 93% of patients noticed an improvement when undergoing chiropractic care. 

So what does it involve? 

Chiropractic care is an entirely drug-free and non-invasive treatment option, providing a stark contrast to many other methods that involve medication or surgery. 

To provide these benefits, your chiropractor in Duluth will use what are known as manual adjustments. These help remobilize your stiff joints and their adjoining muscles. They may also complement these techniques with spinal decompression which helps reduce any pressure currently being placed on your spinal discs. 

The type of treatment recommended will be determined by your injuries and what treatment the chiropractor deems most suitable for these. However, throughout the entire process, you’ll be informed about what’s involved and why.

Furthermore, to aid your recovery at home, they will also provide you with advice (such as dietary changes and lifestyle recommendations) and exercises you can do. 

Eradicate those painful whiplash symptoms once and for all by calling our friendly team today on 770-623-9291.

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