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Finally Find Relief: Low Back Pain Treatment at Duluth Chiropractic

Written By Duluth Chiropractic and Wellness Center on November 9, 2018

There are few feelings worse than low back pain and the chronic issues that come with it. Sitting, standing, and lying down all cause constant discomfort, and trying to find the right posture or angle never seems to take care of the problem. 

Thankfully, the low back pain treatment you’ve been searching for is just one of the many services we have at Duluth Chiropractic and Wellness Center. Leave all of your worries behind when you come see us - we’ll expertly adjust your back and advise on any additional treatments such as icing, traction, or massage.

Diagnosing Your Pain and Getting Treatment

The cause of your low back pain could stem from several different sources. For example, ff you have spent your life performing blue-collar work, including construction or landscaping, you’ve likely clocked a ton of time on your feet for many hours a day (often bending or standing at awkward angles). This adds stress to your spine, and your back has absorbed a lot of pressure as the years have passed. 

However, if you’re not active much at all, you may need low back pain treatment from something less obvious. It could be a ruptured or bugling disk, or an uncommon curve located in your spine. 

Whatever the cause of your low back pain, you don’t have to live with it once you make your appointment with Duluth Chiropractic and Wellness.

Low Back Pain Treatment for the Most Common Type of Chronic Pain

It’s a widely known fact that low back pain is one of the most common kinds of chronic pain in the United States. This is also one of the most common ailments that we treat at Duluth Chiropractic. Since we see it so often, it’s easy for us to locate the source of your problem and begin the correct treatment right away. 

The knowledge that your back pain is well-known doesn’t make dealing with it any more fun. Fortunately, that’s where we come in. Dr. Sommer and his staff have worked on thousands of people, and low back pain treatment is just another day at the office for the staff at Duluth Chiropractic.

Saying Goodbye to Your Back Pain

Forget about constant ice packs, over-the-counter pain relievers, or sleepless nights. Once you are ready to take charge of your low back pain treatment, the staff at Duluth Chiropractic is ready to set you up with one of our many skilled chiropractors. 

Give us a call at (770) 623-9291 or send us an email to begin your initial consultation!

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